March 20, 2010

Speaking of alive and not (yet) kicking... my last post I mentioned that changes to my job have robbed me of almost all of my creativity, but to be honest, I'm creating on a daily basis. Why, I recently made ears. And genitals, too, although I don't know what kind. That's right, dear readers, as scary as it may seem, Scott and I are becoming parents. At 16 weeks along, it's too early for me to feel any fetal movement, but we did hear the heartbeat recently and we have seen the little cutie via ultrasound. My clothes are getting tight, I've been puking for weeks and I can't take much medication for the wretched cold that I'm suffering, but I'm told that it's all worth it. Oh, I'm a bit moody, too. When I was just two months pregnant Scott remarked that I was "showing" already. I nearly killed my child's father.

Since I work in the child welfare industry (although not with children), I read and hear about dreadful parenting every day. When I listen to friends talk about their kids, I realize that there are also plenty of supermoms out there. As unsure of myself as I am, I can only expect to be somewhere in between. Let's hope that I'm up to this task, because I'm told that it's the hardest job I'll ever have.

Scott thinks s/he resembles Howard the Duck

March 18, 2010

Alive, if not kicking

It's been a while. Again. A long while. Has Facebook killed the blog? Rather, has Facebook killed my blog? Now that I have befriended (excuse me, "friended") many of my loyal blog readers on Facebook, my attention to blogs in general has waned. It could be due to the fact that I now can see how most of my favourite bloggers are doing just by reading their Facebook status updates. Or perhaps it is because Scott and I, sadly, have both become hooked on playing Mafia Wars and we are constantly wrestling over negotiating computer time. It might also be the winter blues that have been plaguing me over the past few months. Or it could be that recent changes to my job description have turned me from a writer into a redacting robot, robbing me of almost all creativity and inspiration. I plan to correct my errant blogging ways, I'm just not sure when. Stay tuned, if you're so inclined.