August 19, 2010


The two-placenta thing had a lot of people saying, "Whaaaa?" Well, according to my OB, what I really have is a single placenta with two lobes. This differs from the ultrasound tech's explanation. All I know is that I'll have to make sure that the entire mess is expelled following childbirth. Then we'll see what exactly was in there (aside from the baby). My apologies if this is causing readers to visualize things they would rather not visualize; I've read so many gritty details about labour and delivery that my grossness gauge is broken.

The photo that I used in my last post is also my current Facebook profile pic. Not to be outdone, Scott took a new profile pic of himself, too. Both are posted below. Isn't it wonderful that I inspire him so?

August 07, 2010

How's this for weird?

I have not one but two placentas. The ultrasound technologist who informed me of this was nonchalant about it and said that it isn't uncommon, but I had never heard of such a thing. There wasn't much information online aside from forum posts by people who sound as surprised as I am. I'll have to ask my OB about it. In the meantime, tests show that the baby is doing well. If he can just stay put for another week, he'll be considered full term. Yay!

Do these placentas make me look fat?