March 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Ferris!

My boyfriend often accuses me of loving my dog more than I love him. The fact that my very first blog post begins with a happy birthday message to my dog is unlikely to help matters.

Ferris is one year old today.
Although I have fostered dogs before, Ferris is the first dog that I have "owned" (and vice versa). He's a 90-pound puppy, having one more year to grow and (hopefully) mature, and he's adorable, playful, happy and friendly. He can also be disobedient and unsure of himself and destructive, but I love him anyway. My boyfriend should be grateful that I'm so forgiving.


Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

woooooooooo a new blog buddy!

zufus said...

Hey I love dogs too, I got 2 we saved from shelter-rescue, last of litter and brothers. It has been great having them, your dogs photo is great in close up, kind of reminds me of ours. Have Australian Sheperd-Husky Mixed and very cute, looks most like Australian Shepherd only have the curly tail of Husky look. Dogs are the best, love you always and never cease.

Raise the ROOF!!!!