September 28, 2006

Doggy updates

We brought Ferris to the vet again last night for his remaining vaccinations. Aside from the fact that he stomped on the vet's face when the poor doc got on the floor to examine his belly, Ferris was well behaved. He appears to be doing well. It's amazing how the absence of worrisome test results can make a dog seem instantly healthier.

As for Kody, he's doing well, too. He had a thorough teeth cleaning from a conscientious (or thirsty) Yorkie at the dog park.

Speaking of dog parks, Kody and Red aptly demonstrated one of the most common hazards one encounters while at off-leash parks.

And Red, well, he has certainly come out of his shell. Unfortunately, however, as is typical with shelter dogs, he has severe separation anxiety and has been destroying both the house and himself while Rose and Jeff are at work. They are doing all the right exercises and Jeff has temporarily changed his work schedule to permit him to come home at lunchtime, but any and all suggestions would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

This is your northern friend and we have four dogs, all rescue dogs. Our biggest dog is a cross between a rottie and shepherd and he's still the most scared dog you'll ever meet. We got him at four months and have had him four years. He has had nothing but love and kindness from us but he was a total destroying machine, carpets, furniture, anything he could get his teeth into. he even had the drapes down daily!! My husband did the same thing, came home daily for lunch, nothing helped so we went to a trainer. That didn't help!
Finally, although I hate crates and had never used one before, we had to crate him. I was working myself then, now I'm retired but after using the crate for a very little while, he became calm and a lot more relaxed. It helped him a lot and saved our sanity. He is still very nervous because of his previous abuse but he's able to cope now and so are we. I spend all my time with our dogs but sometimes I have to go someplace I can't take them and he still will mark around the house if I'm gone too long. I no longer use the crate but it wouldn't be a bad idea occasionally!! I have to clean the floor all the time instead!

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

I was also going to suggest trying the crate idea. For some dogs it creates their own special spot as they might have special toys in there, etc. and they can feel safe. With Sammy this didn't work as part of his trauma had been being shut-up for extended periods of time. Honestly he still isn't 100% but it took him well over a year to be able to do things confidently on his own or voluntarily show his belly, etc.

blushone said...

yes, we've resorted to crate training after he destroyed the aluminim blinds in the kitchen and left a trail of blood around the house. =( he's ok tho, no permanent damage and the crate training is coming along... slowly but surely. =)

Calamity Jen said...

It should continue to get better and better. I hope that you'll soon be able to enjoy him being a calm, secure and affectionate little dog. (He's already got adorable down pat.)

panda said...

Our Shi Tzu was the same way when we got her. If she was crated, she would chew on the mesh until she had bloody cuts across her face in the shape of the mesh. If we left her out, she'd rip big bloody holes in herself trying to get out of the yard. She's slowly gotten over the escaping, since she's got the cats to hang out with when she's gone.

With our bigger dog, a 6 month old lab, we use two of those four panel play pens linked together instead of a tiny crate. That gives her enough room for a place to sleep, a place for food and water, and enough room for a pile of toys. It works better for her than a crate, and also keeps her from destroying anything.

Our trainer suggested stuffing a kong(tm) with frozen dog food, so as it melts, they get treats. It takes a couple of hours to melt all the way. And one of the posters on my blog recommended using meat baby food instead. It makes a good "pen only" treat, as it's kind of messy. And since our dog only gets the kong filled with when we go out, she's been known to trot into her pen and stare at me intently whenever I pick up her kong(tm).

Christyn said...

My husband and I just got a rescue puppy on July 2nd, and he is a holy terror! He is a mix between a rottie and an australian cattle dog. We have to leave for extended periods of time, so we leave him outside in our front courtyard with access to the garage for shelter/shade/warmth. We have a dirt bed (should be flowers, but haven't gotten that far since we moved in), and he always digs the dirt up while we are gone. Since it had been sunny for the first 3 months of having him, we didn't have to worry about rain. My husband tried to leave him in the house during the day, for a few hours at a time, and was fine. When it came to leaving him all day, for the first time - well....he tore up our couch!! He apparently love stuffing! We have the huge pillow type cushions for the back, and the foam cushions for our tushies. Every cushion was on the ground, and the back cushion stuffing was all over the house! I cleaned it up and we thought..."oh..he won't do THAT again.." We barricaded him in the kitchen, and he got out...and....he got into the couch again....1000% more! WHen I walked in, I thought our dish washer or washing machine had had an issue, as it looked like I was walking through a foot of suds!

My husband is against our dog being in the crate during the day, since he sleeps in it at night. He thinks it's cruel, but I also think it is cruel to no longer have a couch, several of my shoes, no flowers in the front yard, and my sanity going out the window! HA HA!
He is the sweetest lil guy you'll meet - and he's either 9months or a year old (no one at the humane society could agree on his age). I hope the chewing stage ends, and he gets over his separation anxiety! (SIGH!)
Good luck with your dog. I wish you the best. I do think crate training is a good idea, unfortunatly I am unable to do it b/c my hubby seems to have the last word with this issue. MEN! :) jk