January 16, 2007

Calamity Strikes Again

What happens when you put a Magic-Bag-type beanbag in the microwave and heat it up in order to apply it to your aching muscles? It heats up, that's what. What happens when Calamity Jenni puts a Magic-Bag-type beanbag in the microwave? Why, it explodes into flame, of course.

The entire house smells like singed popcorn.

(And yes, my aching muscles would happen to be related to the 14-2 loss we suffered in floor hockey last night.)


Eclectic Optimist said...

Hey Jen, I laughed when I read your last blog entry... It sounds like something I would do.

Hope you feel better.

BTW, LOVE the new photo...

Rob K said...

Agg...that bag looks like I feel. Sorry about the loss. I'm sure the other guys were cheating!

Kathleen Marie said...

Wow, that looks really dangerous! Sorry about the aching muscles...soak in a hot tub, soothing music...lock the door! ☺