February 13, 2007

I'm so needy

I've taken this meme from Heather's blog. The instructions are to Google your name and the word "needs" (e.g., "Jenni needs") and then to list the first ten results. I was so tickled to see a plethora of Jenni-with-an-i's that I decided to list twenty results.

1. Jenni needs to dress, groom, bathe, toilet, eat, plan meals, manage finances, shop for essentials, do homemaking tasks, use the telephone and computer, get around in the community. (Keeps me out of trouble.)

2. Jenni needs a hug. (Always appreciated from the right person.)

3. Jenni needs to learn to be more alluring. (Scott would probably agree.)

4. Jenni needs help in Mobile, AL. (Yes, help figuring out why I'm there.)

5. Jenni needs a Valentine. (I've got one, and he's a keeper.)

6. Jenni needs bigger mouth and nose holes. (Okaaaay...)

7. Jenni needs as many as she can get for a 2-hour meeting. (Must be referring to caffeine tablets.)

8. Jenni needs to have your booking and payment by the 12th September 2006. (You're late!)

9. Jenni needs a movie buddy. (First I need a worthwhile movie to see.)

10. Jenni needs weed. (I just say no.)

11. Jenni needs a helmet. (I can't argue with that.)

12. Jenni needs to get a life. (Hey!)

13. Jenni needs her toenails trimmed. (This was in reference to a pregnant alpaca.)

14. Jenni needs a second chance at living her own life. (Until now I've been living the life of a pregnant alpaca.)

15. Jenni needs to obtain archival supply catalogs. (Excellent bedtime reading.)

16. Jenni needs prayers. (Grandma, are you typing from heaven?)

17. Jenni needs a better support system. (I'm quite pleased with my current system.)

18. Jenni needs no kudos for her tiara or dress, since she knows that they're awesome. (Aren't all tiaras awesome?)

19. Jenni needs new sunglasses after losing them on day one. (What else is new?)

20. Jenni needs to know. (The suspense is killing me.)

Expectant Jenni


Anonymous said...

Jenni doesn't need much in comparison to the woman interviewed on CITY TV last night. The subject was Valentine's Day and she was asked if she would like some spontaneity in her life, to which she replied, " Uh, well if I could fit it into my schedule, sure."
Ralph G.

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

You got some really funny ones that came up!!! Mine were a bit lame but this one of the most fun memes I've done!

Anonymous said...

Jenni - this is your grandmother...

Rob K said...

I hope you'll name the baby llama after me!