August 18, 2007


In response to my last post, two readers questioned Montana's culpability regarding the loo-litter incident. Fair enough. I didn't catch Montana in the act. In fact, when I emerged from the basement I found him in the kitchen, gently lapping water from his bowl. But then he glanced at me with doe-like innocence.

That was my first clue. Montana usually has wild eyes and a manic manner.

When I proceeded to the second floor, I found Samson in the middle of the scattered trash, cheerfully chewing on some cellophane. You might think I would conclude that the cat was at least partly responsible for the mess. Au contraire, my friend. You see, I already know what Samson does when he decides to get into the garbage. Samson doesn't knock over the wastebasket and toss trash hither and thither. He gingerly removes the Q-tips, one by one, and gnaws on the cotton tips. (Thankfully, unlike some people's pets, he doesn't eat the entire Q-tip.)

Mea culpa? Not.

While we're on the topic of Q-tips, what's with the maxim, "Never stick anything in your ear smaller than your elbow"? Does anyone seriously believe that Q-tips would still be on the market if people weren't sticking them in their ears? The Q-tips web site suggests everything from cleaning camera lenses to swabbing umbilical cords, but ear-cleaning is conspicuously absent... or is it? Aha! Elbow-maxim-spouting people, stick it in your ear!


Paul Champagne said...

Seeing as cats are 10 times smarter than dogs, I think the cat did it in such a way as to cause suspicion on the dog ... I may be wrong, but if I was a cat, that's what I would do.

Samson said...

Man, I just can't get a break!

Rob K said...

Ahhh! These animals are possessed!

Mike M said...

Great pictures!!!

HAR said...

That is absolutely the work of Montana. I bet my dog on it.