May 11, 2008

Hawaii vacation DOs and DON'Ts

When vacationing in beautiful Hawaii, DO:

-leave the cruise ship from time to time, as there is far more to do than goof around with the murals on the walls

-splurge on a fruity beverage or twelve

-stop to admire the rainbows

-attend a luau

-go barefoot on at least one beach

-watch the sunrise from the Haleakala crater

-expect to be awed


-panic and flail your limbs when snorkeling with dolphins in their natural habitat (apparently a pod of 150 dolphins will avoid a small group of humans when one of those humans is thrashing about)

-fall down and cut your knee when attempting to get back on the boat between snorkeling attempts, since a) you look foolish and b) saltwater stings

-get tonsillitis (drugs ain't cheap on a cruise ship)

-fall asleep with a cough drop in your mouth, since the drool stain will remain on your pillowcase all week


Rob K said...

Great advice, Jen. As we say in Brooklyn, ya live and loin.

Amber said...

I'm 95% positive that we went to the same Luau (twice). It was on Maui at the Royal Kaanapali, right? We went on our honeymoon and this past christmas went and were seated in the EXACT same seats as our honeymoon.

Great advice. Esp the fruity drinks one. Can't get me enough mai tais in pineapples when I'm there.

Mike M said...

Dude, you are sooooooooooo lucky!!!

Calamity Jen said...

Rob - live and loin, huh? Is that the Brooklyn accent or yet another reference to the clamp?

Amber - yes, that's the very same luau. Lots of honeymooners were there, as well as a couple who got engaged in front of everyone. Very romantic.

Mike - you are sooooooooooo right!

alan said...

I guess that's one way to figure out if they changed the linen or not!

Glad you had such a fantastic time in spite of owies!


ryssee said...

No comments on sunscreen! Least you had that covered. I got a bad burn on one arm during my trip. Note to self: Top of tourist bus at 8800 feet=SPF 30 or at least a long sleeved shirt. Or at least switch seats so both arms are identically burned.
Your tips and pics are perfect!

HAR said...

I love every picture but the drool from the cough drop is my fav.

Rob K said...

Yikes--the curse of the Clamp strikes again...and in a very tender spot, I might add.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing photos jenni. =)