July 09, 2008

A Haven from the Storm

This sums up the past few days

My brother and sister-in-law don't know how accurate they were in naming Haven. With the roller coaster Scott and I have been on over the past few days, Haven really has been a sanctuary where our minds can go when we're getting overwhelmed.

Scott's grandma passed away last week, three days after we had our final visit with her. It was heart-wrenching to see her panicking in the cloud of confusion caused by morphine. I doubt that she knew we were there, saying our good-byes. Her wake was on Sunday, her funeral on Monday. Family means a lot to Scott and this past week has been hard on him.

As you know from my last post, Haven was born -- just hours after Grandma's funeral. We went from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs when we finally got to meet her. Yesterday evening we ventured out in a fierce summer storm to return to the hospital, where we enjoyed our second visit with the little darling. The thunder, lightning and downpour outside were barely noticeable once we were cradling little Haven in the quiet hospital room. We probably overstayed our welcome, but it was hard to tear ourselves away from our new niece.

Finally we gave Haven back to her exhausted but proud parents. On the way home, I spotted a rainbow. I couldn't resist pulling out the camera to capture the beauty that, in my corny baby-high, I figured Haven had magically brought forth.

Now, I do realize that babies don't conjure up rainbows any more than kittens poop them. Rain causes rainbows. (I'm simplifying here, because if I wrote "Rainbows are optical and meteorological phenomena that cause a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the Sun shines onto droplets of moisture in the Earth's atmosphere," you would know that I was just quoting Wikipedia.) At any rate, rain quickly eclipsed Haven as the focus of our evening. Why? Here's why:

Welcome to my basement, post-flood. I now have the pleasure of dealing with the insurance company. Oh joy, oh bliss.

Time to stare at more photos of my niece. Thank heaven for Haven.


alan said...

I'm glad your mind and heart have safe "Haven" while the rest of you deals with the flood...

May you still have rainbows, but less rain 'til things dry up!

And my belated congratulations to all for bringing such a wonderfully named child into this world to brighten it!


Eclectic Optimist said...

Congratulations on becoming an aunt! She is so gorgeous,and a wonderful gift.

She is the magic that balances out all the bad things. Please offer my condolences to Scott. Good luck with the basement. Been there...it was awful. Hope you didn't lose too much.

Hugs from Calgary.

Rob K said...

My goodness, Jen, you guys have been through the whole range of emotions in such a short time.

My condolences to Scott; tough luck on the basement, and God bless Haven. May she have rainbows every day.

Heather said...

Hugs to Scott. Kisses to Haven. Hugs AND Kisses to you my friend. Call me should you need to stay someplace when the plague of grasshoppers descends upon your house. (Feeling really lucky right now because my basement apartment is still dry. Everyone please knock on wood.)