November 17, 2008

Ten points and twenty pictures

If a picture says a thousand words, then below are several thousand words to describe our wonderful wedding day. First, though, a few actual words:
1. It was a very chilly day, but the rain cleared up in the afternoon. Mother Nature doesn't hate me after all.
2. There were still leaves on the trees as well as the ground. I couldn't have been more pleased.
3. After panicking for weeks prior to our wedding day, I awoke that morning completely free of stress. I don't know why, but I was perfectly calm.
4. A few minutes before the ceremony I was informed that the venue's audio/visual equipment wasn't operating properly and that the video I had slaved over might not work. Good-bye calm!
5. Our computer-savvy friends fixed the problem and the guests enjoyed the video. Hallelujah!
6. Scott saw my dress for the first time when I walked down the aisle. He was very moved.
7. I saw the rings that he made (yes, he made them) for the first time when they were presented at the ceremony. I was very moved.
8. At the last minute I had decided to wear white Sketchers rather than high heels. I credit that choice with the fact that I did not stumble or fall all day.
9. A group of wonderful friends and relatives arrived early to decorate the ceremony and reception sites. I am still gushing over their talent.
10. Oh my gosh, we're married! Yippee!

Enjoy the images.


Scott said...

Nice Pics! It was fun making them!

Your husband

ryssee said...

Oh, wow. He looks so handsome and you look so beautiful! You both look so happy and so much in love in your pictures. I love the way he's looking at you in the picture where we see your hair and his face.
RE: #7 SO cool he made your rings. That is one of the best wedding things I've ever hear of. And they're gorgeous.
RE: #8 Flat shoes=a great smile all day long.
RE: #10 Congratulations again-so glad you posted the pics!

amelia said...

Wonderful, wonderful pics!!!

I'm betting you were much warmer once you got to dancing!! The whole thing looks just lovely and you, Jen, look spectacular! I have to ask one thing, having never actually met you and neving having really seen you and Scott together, are you really short or is he really tall???? lol

I mean no offense at all by that remark by the way!!!

Calamity Jen said...

scott - xoxox

ryssee - Thanks! RE: #7, it pretty much made up for the fact that he didn't help in any other way.

amelia - Thanks as well, and lol! I'm kind of short and he's kind of tall, which explains the difference.

ryssee said...

LOL I should've seen that one coming

Zombie Mom said...

Oh, I have been so waiting to see these... you look utterly beautiful and Scott so handsome... I love the rings and I love that he made them for you - utterly special.

Your dress is flawless, love the draping and love the silouhette..

The setting is beautiful and you two look perfect together...

Congrats and enjoy.. thanks so much for sharing your photos..

Rob K said...

These are such lovely pictures, Jen. Thanks for posting them.

And I see that Scott and I go to the same barber.

Chris Curtin said...

"5. Our computer-savvy friends fixed the problem and the guests enjoyed the video. Hallelujah!"

It is good to have geeks for friends isn't it? (said the geek)

I think the ring idea was great.


Penny M said...

Congratulations!!! Such a touching post. You have all my best wishes for a great life together.

Calamity Jen said...

Thanks, everyone! I can't believe that was four weeks ago. Heck, we're an old married couple already.

HAR said...


What an honor to have shared some of this journey through blogging. You have been so good to me for TWO years now! HOLY COW.

You looked stunning on your wedding day. So happy, confident and graceful ( must be the shoes).

Scott looked very handsome, young and emotional (sweet).

What I loved most

RINGS AND HANDS(including both sets of nails)
Colors : especially the beautiful table/ flowers
A perfect fall wedding!

I am very happy that your day was stress free and was a perfect wedding.

Now, live happily ever after, okay?

Scott said...

You can only see one of my fingers, and it's my favourite one too!

panda said...

Your wedding was so beautiful! Wonderful to hear you had a perfect day!

I'd better stop now, or I'll have to be arrested for exclamation point abuse.