November 15, 2009

A lack of interests

All my life I have suffered from a lack of interests (plural). Oh, I had a couple of passions for a while, namely volunteering and fostering animals. However, after I was hired by the organization for which I had volunteered, and after I adopted my foster pets, my passions became my day-to-day reality. That's nothing to complain about, of course, but I have been feeling the need to replace those passions and my lack of interests has made that next to impossible.

Many people have more interests than they can count. Some of those interests are simple, quiet hobbies, while others involve travel and adventure. None of these myriad pastimes appeals to me. I don't want to cook, knit, play chess or partake in physical exercise, grueling or otherwise. I do enjoy a good book, but reading is what I do on the bus to and from work every day; reading in the comfort of my own home just puts me to sleep. I feel as though I've surfed the entire world wide web twice over. I don't have the money for expensive courses or trips, and even if I did I'm not sure that I would have the desire to sign up. So little piques my interest.

So, dear readers, what shall I do with my two-week vacation, which begins tomorrow? Scott will still be working, so I'm on my own. I won't even have the pleasures of sleeping in and relaxing in front of the TV, as we have men arriving early each morning with jackhammers, a radio and tone-deaf singing voices. (We are undergoing the noisy, dusty process of waterproofing and underpinning the basement. Oh joy.) I welcome your suggestions. I'm just so bored of being bored.


bryanf said...

Get your xmas shopping done early; visit neighborhoods in the city you've always wanted to see or particularly like; book lunches every day with your poor friends who are still working, then look for interesting things around where they work; just buy a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and enjoy the TV.

amelia said...

Oh I love that picture!!

Too bad you won't be able to nap at all! Take lots of long hikes in the woods with your dogs, even if you have to drive there. Go to Cherry Beach to the big off leash area there, your dogs would love that too!!
I know these are not hobbies but travel is expensive and your hubby is working so you'd need him to travel anyway!
My hobbies are no good for you. I knit and do crosswords. Old folk hobbies!

ryssee said...

Well, be bored in other places then! I agree with knocking off your Christmas shopping (if you do that). Also wander aimlessly down the big streets. Take a dog or two and get in the woods by yourselves. Get a newspaper or a trashy novel and read either one cover to cover in a cafe with a 300 calorie drink and a 200 calorie treat. Go to a museum even if you don't feel like it and read all the labels. Get a few drinks in a bar by yourself, talk to a stranger, them make a great dinner at home for when Scott comes home from work.
Most these things, I've been attempting to do on my own these last few months since my sweet one has been not at home. Except for the dogs-the cats just won't take to the leash!
Enjoy your time off. Even if you don't do anything much, you'll be refreshed at the end of it.

pseedie said...

wait! i know!! (us uncraftsy folk must stick together) scour etsy for something you are sure you could manage to make.....albeit horribly....and create those xmas gifts that no-one will forget!!! Trust me, after the year of "sock monsters" around here, (they had goiters, piles, scabies and other unidentifiable my family has YET to complain about the $10 Target gift cards or the repackaged Bath & Body Works lotions and body sprays that have been given in the years since then. You'll have some big fat laughs while you make them, while you see recipients faces taking in their visual stunningness and when the memories resurface many years later.... highly recommended. Either that or shrinky-dink earrings traced off of high school photographs or relatives....those fumes will keep you time travelling for the whole 2 weeks, construction workers or no construction workers!

Heather said...

hmmmmmmmmm. come have lunch with me! Crappy pizza from the cafe or Swiss Chalet!

I like the idea of going to a museum or taking the dogs out. Why did you take vacation now??? Do you have to stay home to be available to the workers to answer questions or provide bathroom access?

If so I say it's back to the internet for you. I can give you a few research topics to organize for me. hehe


Calamity Jen said...

I can always count on my dear readers for novel and sometimes hilarious ideas. Thanks!

As for why I'm taking vacation now, there wasn't much choice. I had a bunch of vacation days saved up and my acting supervisor instructed me to use them before the end of the year. This was the only period of time that didn't involve conflicts with various work events or co-worker's holidays.

panda said...

What works well for me here in California is to go to parts of the city I usually don't get to... make it a theme day. Go to Little India and look through the shops, get some curry for dinner and rent some Bollywood musicals. Or Korea town for kim chee and bulgoki, then rent some Korean movies.

Here in Los Angeles Chinatown is great for Dim Sum and then browsing through all the shops selling Feng Shui knick knacks and then home for a kung fu movie and almond cookies.

French or Italian days can start early with great coffee and appropriate pastries and jam, a trip to the art museum to see an exhibit and any one of a dozen great movies followed by dinner and dessert - creme brulee or gelato, depending.

Also, if you've got a museum nearby they usually have talks and lectures or performances that go with their current exhibits. We saw some great drummers one day, when they had a Japanese Art exhibit booked.

Matinees of plays and performances can be good for getting out and about, and you can sometimes get free or cheap tickets if you're willing to usher or volunteer...

Calamity Jen said...

My vacation is now half over. I have managed to keep myself busy so far but mostly with errands and prep for a friend's baby shower. While next week will be rainy and cold, I still hope to get out to explore, as several of you have suggested. There are so many interesting neighbourhoods to see in this city.

Thanks again for your input!

Anonymous said...

I know a class of grade 2 students who would be very happy to see you - and help you pass the time!