January 02, 2010

The newest Nooglet

A belated happy holidays to one and all. I'm not sure where my blogging muse went, but I'm sure that she apologizes for my absence.

If any of my long-time readers are still out there, you may remember me mentioning the Noogles once or twice or thrice. The team nickname is taken from the official name, No Glove, No Love. (The name makes great sense when the team plays softball, and no sense when we play floor hockey.)

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No Glove, No Love is a misnomer, since seven of the players pictured above have become parents since the photo was taken over three years ago. The newest little Nooglet (baby Noogle) was born early this morning. Although his arrival was a few weeks earlier than expected, mommy and baby are doing well. Congratulations to Libby and Martin!

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