June 13, 2010

Twelve weeks

It's hard to believe that I have only posted a few times about my pregnancy, and now here I am with just twelve weeks left until my due date. For anyone who is interested, here are a few facts about my expecting experience to this point:
-morning (all-day) sickness sucks, but it ends;
-bending down takes preparation, and standing up again often requires assistance;
-my body will never be the same, but that's okay since it wasn't all that great to begin with;
-I'm amazed at the strength of my backaches, and at my obstetrician's reaction when I reported them to her ("Well, it's only going to get worse");
-friends with little ones have been incredibly generous with hand-me-downs;
-the baby now kicks so hard he can move my laptop when I carelessly rest it on my belly;
-I'm going to miss the kicks, rolls and flutters once the little guy is born.

This isn't a very inspired post and I apologize, but it's hard to concentrate with sawing and drilling going on overhead. Did I mention that our bedroom and nursery have been completely gutted? Again, there are just twelve weeks left before my due date. Uh-huh. Scott and I owe huge thanks to my dad, brother and our friend Martin for taking care of the demolition while we were away on our babymoon. It was a hot, filthy, back-breaking job.

The nursery

Scott and his dad have been slaving away for the past few weekends to frame the new walls and repair the roof and floors. They assure me that there will be a ceiling at some point as well. We've hired or are in the process of hiring an electrician, a window installer, a mason, a spray-foam insulator and a flooring refinisher. Once they have all completed their work, it will be time for drywall and paint. As hard as Scott and his dad are working, I have expressed my doubts about our ability to have both rooms completed in time for the baby's arrival. My mother reminded me that Jehovah's Witnesses can build a Kingdom Hall in six days. Perhaps the next time the Witnesses knock at my door I'll invite them in to help with the renos. I might seek out some Amish folks while I'm at it, as they only take one or two days to raise an entire barn. Maybe it has something to do with faith; it could be the fact that Scott is an atheist and I'm a Humanist that makes our renovation projects take so long.


amelia said...

Funnily enough, my parents are Witnesses and I was as well but not for quite some time now and they can build a Hall in a very short time!!
Scott and your dad probably have to work as well though and they are only two where the Witnesses have a whole congregation!!

Cat said...

"bending down takes preparation, and standing up again often requires assistance"

I'm not pregnant and this applies to me as well. heh

Being pregnant seems to be a whole lot of work for many people in your family. ;)

I hope you have central a/c or that the heat doesn't bother you, because I can't imagine being pregnant during the summer is much fun at all. 0_o

ryssee said...

Great post, I love how excited you are! Fortunately, baby won't care if the room is done or not, and will only be happy when he is with you and Scott. :)
I don't want to wish life away but I'm really looking forward to your first photos as parental units. :)

Rob K said...

You'll get through this, Jen. And you won't need the Amish to do it.

Heather said...

You make me laugh so much.

The Maui Hippie said...

What a beautiful blog and what a groovy blessing to be having a child soon...Congratulations to you and your entire family...I'm heading to California in a few days to welcome my grandson into this world...My daughter is due July 5th...I am so excited...I wanted to thank you for your special comment on my blog, The Maui Hippie...It truly touched me...Smiles and frowns are both contagious...Life itself can be stressful at times with work and relationships and remodeling (haha)...When I have troubling things on my mind, I find it helpful to make warm smiles and friendly greetings a responsibility or a job...I remove other thoughts from my mind and focus on "my job", smiles and greetings...When I see people walking toward me with their heads down and trying their best to avoid contact, I'll greet them with a meaningful "Aloha" and a genuine smile because it does make me smile..A funny thing happens..They may not look up at me, but usually they do...They may only mumble an insincere greeting in return...BUT, they always, amongst themselves when they pass me, raise their heads, smile at each other, chat together, and temporarily forget about their troubling thoughts..My "job" was successful...Keep smiling Calamity Jen..It's working even if you don't see it...Mahalo for visiting and commenting on my blog...Share it with your friends...Peace, The Maui Hippie..

Anonymous said...

I think it's mormons that cannot refuse a request for help. My brother was moving some large items when they showed up at his door, he asked them for help, and they did. Worth looking into. =)