July 25, 2010

This just in...

Happy happy joy joy! I have some great kitten news. Subsequent to my post about the feral felines, we learned that the furry family had relocated to our other next door neighbours' yard. Initially the animals hid in a shed at the back of the property. Since the neighbours were willing to look after them for a while, we handed over the remainder of our canned cat food. Over time the kittens grew accustomed to the neighbours feeding them and they began to explore the yard, eventually hanging out on a pile of cinderblocks close to the house. The neighbours sought our advice on what to do with the critters. Since I was on bed rest by this time, I wrote out some information on shelters and a cat rescue and lent the neighbours a pet carrier. This morning the neighbours managed to gather all five kittens in the carrier and brought them to the cat rescue. They will now receive much-needed veterinary care before being placed for adoption.

I'm not sure how Scott did it, but several days ago he managed to snap a shot of most of the family perched on the cinderblocks, and not a single one is hissing, not even the mom.

Momma cat is still around and as nasty as ever. I don't know if the neighbours are planning to try to catch her, too, but it would be wonderful if she could be spayed, at the very least.

P.S. On an unrelated note, I had tests at the hospital on Friday and learned that the baby is now 2 mm closer to making his exit.


amelia said...

Hang in there, everything will be fine I'm sure. It's just really hard on you having to keep so still and quiet!!

It's great news about the kittens but I hope they can catch mum as well at least if she's spayed, as you said, there won't be any more unwanted kitties. I wish I could help..

ryssee said...

Cute kitties! Can't believe Scott got the shot. I'm glad there's a happy ending and that you were able to find out about it. :)
RE 2 mm: Stay calm cool and patient, for that is sure to change soon. ;-)

The Maui Hippie said...

Yeeehhhaaaaaaaa!! Kharma is alive and well....Peace