January 18, 2011

See you in February

It's been a crazy four months, emotionally and otherwise. I miss blogging, but motherhood is keeping me extremely busy. I hope to resume writing a little more regularly in about a month. In the meantime, here's a recent shot of what has been occupying my time.


ryssee said...

Wow, he's gotten so big already!
Of course my blog has been sorely neglected for over a year. Hard when there are so many other ways to stay in touch now!
Hope you're well, and I look forward to whenever you come back here. :-)

Cat said...

I do hope you'll have some time to escape in the cyber world! I miss reading you!

Keep your chin up and all those other positive cliches. ;)


bryanf said...

Is that the "We are not amused" look?

amelia said...

He's so gorgeous!

I hope you're feeling better now.

Rob K said...

What a beautiful little guy!

The Maui Hippie said...

What a perfect little kane (man)! He has a powerful smile..There's a Hawaiian word spelled Kaʻi that means to lead, or direct..That's a great name..Your photos are kupanaha (Wonderful)...You and your entire ohana (family) seem happy and healthy...My latest 6 month old grandson and my kids are coming for a visit in two weeks!! I can't wait! I'm sending kupanaha noʻonoʻo (wonderful thoughts) your way..


The Maui Hippie