May 12, 2012

The past several months...

...have been extremely trying. I haven't felt like posting anything depressing so I haven't posted at all. I might not post again until I see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, enjoy some randomness from the few images that happen to be on my computer at the moment.

My cute dogs after a much-needed bath

A porn shoot visible from my workplace


Concentration, effort, pride

Kai's Tim-Burton-esque creation

Sleeping Beauty (Haven) and Rapunzel

And that's all she wrote.


Rob K said...

Great pictures, Jen. I really hope things turn around for you so and you get so much light in that tunnel you'll need sunglasses.

amelia said...

The dogs are gorgeous! We bathed our old Millie yesterday and cut her toenails. I made one bleed but she's very forgiving! She's too old to make it to the groomers with the others, she can't get into the car and I can't lift her.

Kai is a little sweetheart and I love the hair picture. Have you managed yet to get a permanent sitter?

I hope with all me heart that things turn around for you Jenni and that you can find much joy in your life again one day very soon.

cat said...

I know you know we're all so jealous of the porn shoot outside your place of employment. Only you could be so lucky.

I hope you sanitized everything for a block radius after that. Ick.