November 12, 2006

At long last...

...we bought a car. It has been a real struggle for us to find a vehicle that would meet our criteria. I wanted something fuel efficient, affordable and appropriate for a new driver. Scott wanted a Hummer. Here is our compromise:

I was thrilled to be replacing Scott's old gas-guzzling Jimmy, which was not only environmentally unfriendly but also too large for me, a timid new driver, to maneuver. Little did I know that the Element is a TARDIS. A TARDIS with huge blind spots. I haven't tried to drive it yet, but when I finally find the courage to do so I will give you ample warning. Lord knows what damage I could do in such a long and wide-bodied vehicle.


Rob K said...

Nice ride, Jen. But it doesn't look anything like a police call box.

Just get behind the wheel of this sucker and show it who's the boss.

UKBob said...

Nice car Jen. Not sure how you contain yourself though to have a new car and not been for a drive in it yet - LOL!!