November 05, 2006

What to do?

It has been discovered that cute little Red, the recently acquired companion of our friends Rose and Jeff, barks from the moment they leave the house to the moment they return. Does anyone have experience with this problem? If so, please share your wisdom. The crate has helped with his destructiveness, but what humane methods are there to discourage anxiety-related barking?


Anonymous said...

It's me again!
My girlfriend had the same problem and she was able to find a collar that gave a squirt of citron (lemon?) when her dog barked. It was very effective, he just hated the stuff.
It was harmless, except for the smell, no shocks or anything like that.

panda said...

What my trainer recommends is something positive for the dog to do, to focus on inside the crate, rather than what's going on outside the crate.

He recommended the kong, filled with meat-based baby food, or extra yummy dog food and then frozen. Because it's frozen, it takes a couple of hours to melt enough to finish. They only get the kong when they're in the crate. But you've got to make sure it's a kind of treat they don't always get. It won't work if it's just their regular food.

Also talk radio on really low can help, if you get the dog used to it first when you're home. That way they're not always listening for voices or noises outside, and feeling like they have to defend the place if they hear anything.

blushone said...

ty, ty and ty for your suggestions.

we're contemplating the citron collar or the sound one, which kody's parents have offered to loan us and we're also looking into puppy training classes.

he's already an expert with going straight to his crate when the kong comes out, but we noticed that once the anxiety hits, which is almost immediately after getting our coats on, he doesn't touch any of his toys or treats in his crate until we come home. even his favorite treats of rawhide or greenies get pushed aside and are in tact when we come home. but i like the idea of freezing the kong =) the only problem now is trying to figure out if it works with red!

update on the barking tho, our neighbours to right say he barks from the time we leave to the time we come home, our neighbours to our left says that he's improved from barking all the time and now he only barks for an hour after we leave and then a little when we he hears us come home. the only way to really figure this out is to get some webcam and video capturing happening! jeff's working on that in the next couple of weeks.