June 25, 2007

A return to silliness

During a sad time, there is nothing like a mischievous puppy to bring a smile back to one's face. A mischievous puppy with a sense of humour is even better.

What's the problem?

Aw come on, you can't be mad at this face.

Fine, you want me to look guilty? How's this?

Hee hee hee! Sorry. I can't keep a straight face.

The unfortunate part is that there was no room in the obedience class advertised in the pamphlet.


Anonymous said...

teaching bad thing to that puppy I see

Calamity Jen said...

Blame Ferris. I presume that it was his tail that swept the pamphlet off the table in the first place.

Rob K said...

Quick--give him the electric bill--maybe he'll eat that, too.

Cheryl said...

LOL that's so cute! I love it :) Great pics Jenni

HAR said...

That puppy is just so dam cute. Beautiful pup!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

ooooooh...I just want to squeeze and hug him!