September 02, 2007

Scott's Party at Mike and Cheryl's

Scott and I regularly host parties at our place. We seldom host parties at other people's places. Recently, however, Scott inadvertently invited a number of people to the penthouse dwelling of our friends Cheryl and Mike, who have access to a terrific rooftop patio. (Thanks, you two, for being so hospitable!) The patio was the perfect vantage point from which to watch the Canadian International Air Show.

I took quite a number of photos. Here's one of the better ones:

Our friend John took 1100 photos. Yes, 1100. Here's one of them:

In my defense, John's lens (see below) is much more powerful than the one I was using. But I'll admit that John is an awesome photographer.

The weather was absolutely perfect, especially with the breeze off Lake Ontario. It was that kind of refreshingly cool day that leads one to forget about the necessity of sunscreen. At least, I forgot about it. I didn't wear a hat, either. I did wear sunglasses. You know what I'm getting at. I ended up with this style of sunburn:

Following the air show we all retired to Cheryl and Mike's place. Cheryl's hands were full so I carried her camera, still attached to its tripod, back downstairs. I placed it out of the way in Cheryl and Mike's bedroom. I didn't consider how it would look when the other guests spotted the camera mounted at the foot of the bed. Scott, inebriated though he was, took no time to figure out the camera's self-timer feature.


captain corky said...

Wow that sunburn looks painful!!!

If we had met a week earlier I would have invited myself to the party too. ;)

Calamity Jen said...

Quick! Into the Wayback Machine!

HAR said...

Calamity- you and scott seem to make such a cute pair. I'm not getting all sentimental on you or anything.

Rob K said...

De plane, boss! De plane!

Mike M said...

Great pictures!!

Anonymous said...

in reference to the cute pair... i think the cuteness is all on calamity's side. :P xoxoxo to the both of you jen.