November 14, 2007

Calamity's first accident

Can I trust your driver not to hit me?

On Saturday, while driving Scott to his dentist appointment, I had my first accident as a (semi-)licensed driver. I was in a line of cars waiting at a red light when a Leon's delivery truck glided into my lane from behind and hit the back of our Element. Scott threw his door open and hollered, "HEY!" while I put the vehicle into park, flipped on the hazard lights and checked for moving traffic before getting out to inspect the damage.

I was pleased to discover that there was nary a scratch. Barely a smudge in the dirt on our bumper, really. I was so relieved -- both at the lack of carnage and the fact that I wasn't at fault -- that I patted the truck driver on the back and chirped, "No worries!" before hopping back into the driver's seat.

Scott was frazzled, as he always is when I am driving, but I continued merrily onward until we reached the dentist's office, where we were only five minutes late for a 12:30 appointment. Unfortunately, the dentist had no time for Scott that day, as the appointment was actually scheduled for noon. I had entered the wrong time in my PalmPilot. So much for my fault-free day.


Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

WOW! At least you're driving - ask me how many times I've driven since last February!!!

Calamity Jen said...

All together now: Heather, how many times have you driven since last February?

(Let's remember that Heather was brave enough to go for her G2. I, alas, remain at the G1 level.)

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

I passed the G2 and then promptly got a case of the 'now I can drive on the highway but I am terrified to' blues. I've driven three times and all were white knuckled times!

Rob K said...

Glad you guys weren't hurt and I'm glad it wasn't your fault.

There was an old TV ad about defensive driving that said "Watch out for the other guy!"

But since you got Scott's dental appointment wrong, you're going to lose your PalmPilot's license.

Mike M said...

I'm glad you and Scott are ok.

But a Honda Element???? A box on wheels? HA Kidding

Calamity Jen said...

Heather, I'm still so proud of you for getting your G2.

Rob - LOL.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you're ok jenni. =)

Calamity Jen said...

Thanks, Rose!

Calamity Jen said...

Mike -- for some reason your comment showed up late so I didn't see it earlier. I totally agree with your description of the Element. I'm quite surprised at how much I like the vehicle.

HAR said...


I am glad that you are okay.

Guess what? I have a box on wheels too! It's black and we call it our "toaster."

I love the Element. I love Hondas.

Calamity Jen said...

har, were we separated at birth?

HAR said...

I KNOW! I could be your older sister. How are your dogs doing?

Don't let the accident shake your determination or confidence. Driving is great once you feel sure of yourself.
Think about it. Here are all the things that you can do inside your car.
1. Listen to music
2. Talk on your cell
3. Go shopping
4. Read the paper
5. Pick up dudes ;)
6. Pick your nose
7. Eat lunch
8. Sleep
9. Beach it
10.Last but certainly not least:
Have sex. eewww.

Calamity Jen said...

I've seen various people doing at least eight of those things while they drive.

The dogs are great. We've finally enroled Montana in obedience classes so he might be more cooperative soon ("might" being the operative word).

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Have you been driving since the 'incident'?

Calamity Jen said...

I completed my trip immediately after the incident, but I haven't driven since. I try to drive every weekend but only if Scott is up to it.