December 25, 2008

Nothing says "Merry Christmas, owners!"... the acrid smell of doggy diarrhea at 5:30 in the morning.

Pity me.

While many people were woken up in the wee hours of this Christmas morning by the squeals of excited children, Scott and I were stirred to consciousness by the smell of... you guessed it, dog poop. Montana had dutifully slept next to our bed throughout the night, but Ferris must have been pacing by the back door hoping some magical elf would let him outside. No such luck. I wandered downstairs in barely more than my skivvies and immediately armed myself with paper towels, plastic bags and disinfectant wipes. One look at the two mats at the back door and I was convinced that they were goners. They are great mats for the dogs to dry off on after playing in the back yard; they have firm, deep pile in a pattern like tire treads. Perfect for trapping snow and ice from wet paws. Also perfect for trapping runny stools.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, smell no evil.

I did my best to clean up the mess before hurling the two mats outside onto the deck. Perhaps the snow or rain would cleanse them. It has never worked before, but I was far too tired to think of a more intelligent course of action. Not Scott, though. Declaring, "We've thrown out enough mats!" he got dressed, went outside, sandwiched the soiled mats together and headed off to the coin-operated car wash. In the meantime, I let Ferris outside to do whatever business he had left. When I let him back in fifteen minutes later, he vomited all over the freshly scrubbed floor. I'm not making any accusations here, but the puke smelled an awful lot like crap.

So I cleaned the floor again, consoled a very unhappy-looking Ferris and headed off to bed in the hopes of catching a few more winks. I could be forgiven for thinking it was Groundhog Day rather than Christmas when I awoke to the very same disgusting smell a few hours later. Let's just hope this isn't the beginning of a new Christmas tradition.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and the best of the season to those who don't. Happy new year to all!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!

One half pwner said...

.... you mean Shitsmas right?

amelia said...

I hope your poor Ferris is Okay!!

ryssee said...

Nope. Nothing like it.
I gave my kitties a special Christmas dinner. One of them barfed it back into her bowl, but she was considerate enough to come back and clean it up later, if you get what I mean.

HAR said...

Wrong post to visit at 7 am. :)

Hope your dog and house smells better

Anonymous said...

oh jenni! you're christmas pet story beats my pet story... hands down! hope the rest of the holidays weren't as stinky.

alan said...

Here we took in my daughter-in-law's cats as she moved to D.C. to be with him during the Christmas holiday and they have to find an apartment or a house. 8 year old littermates, one anorexic, the other it's cat puke by the gallons.

I hope your critters are over what ailed them and that your New Year finds you and yours in great health and better spirits!

Happy New Year!


Heather said...

Oh dear! poor Ferris! (I know how he feels.)