December 12, 2008

Dough for dough

It is my Christmas tradition to bake cookies which I then give to folks like my doctor, dentist, letter carrier, neighbours, etc. Since regular readers know that I'm not particularly skilled in the culinary arts, it will be no surprise to learn that I make my cookies from prepared dough. In the spirit of giving to the community as well as to friends and acquaintances, I like to purchase my cookie dough through organizations that sell it as a fundraiser. Sure, it would be cheaper to buy the dough directly from the company that makes it, but where's the holiday spirit in that?

I used to call the dough company each year and ask them what charitable organizations in my area were selling their products. I was able to support a day care centre and some youth activity groups. How nice. A few years ago my mother informed me that one of her colleagues was selling the dough to raise funds for her choir. Without thinking, I went ahead and placed an order. I have been ordering dough from the same woman for the past three or four years, and it only struck me this year that her particular cause is a bit off the mark for me. It's wonderful that her choir is keeping well-to-do middle-aged women busy, otherwise they might be out hosting tea parties and getting manicures, but that isn't the demographic I had in mind when I decided to pay a premium for cookie dough.

Never mind. Today was my baking day. Somehow I managed to screw up a two-step process. Roll and bake. That's it. Roll and bake. Once again my mind inserted "drop onto floor" into the instructions. This time I didn't bother to photograph the fur-covered dough blobs. I did, however, take the time to photograph my favourite batch of completed non-floor cookies:

Cookies only Salvador DalĂ­ could love


amelia said...

He would really love these!!

Scott said...

I'll eat the Dali ones, but not the fur-covered ones please!

amelia said...

We only have hairy, furry ones in our house!!

Anonymous said...

I'll just have the chocolate cookies, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they'll taste just as good. As for charity - think of it this way - you aren't supporting a "well to do" woman who apparently needs to keep busy, but supporting the arts in Toronto, choirs etc. work hard to raise money and you were able to help!

Rob K said...

It's an honest mistake, Jen. Instead of roll and bake, you did stop, drop and roll.

It could happen to anyone, but I think this guy might be mad at you.

alan said...

I was so happy to be "off the line" when I moved to being a stockman at GM with 22 years in, that that first year I decided to make brownies for all the teams I stocked for. Figuring in my head how to end up with at least two per person, I ended up taking in 11 pans.

The next year I made a few more for the Adopt-a-Family diner, and since I had moved areas a few people I had stocked for asked would I bring one for them. I ended up with 18.

By the 3rd year people were actually transferring jobs just before Thanksgiving just to get brownies!

I'm glad I retired this last summer!

May the snowball not catch you up like it did me!


Anonymous said...

Rob K cracks me up! Must be that Brooklyn sense of humor --like my dad's.

blushone said...

I think Jenni and I need to take a not-how-to-crash-course together. sorry to hear about your baking woes.

ryssee said...

That's not how they're supposed to look?! Eeek!

Tea and Margaritas in My Garden said...

I also tried to make Christmas cookies and I have the evidence of having none to offer.
It took me twice to have fudge turn out and my cookies burnt.
I bought a $10 "home-made" mince pie in the end.
Have a great Christmas and the best New Year!


HAR said...

"but that isn't the demographic I had in mind when I decided to pay a premium for cookie dough."

You always make me smile