May 04, 2009

LMAO... the video below. Thanks to Rob K for drawing attention to this.

Writes the Huffington Post:

The "gathering storm" ad made by the National Organization for Marriage, which preaches against same-sex unions, has spawned many parodies in its short life. As Stephen Colbert said before introducing his version of it, "It is like watching the 700 Club and the Weather Channel at the same time."

Our own Lizz Winstead offered her version that shows the ridiculous leaps the ad makes in conflating the restriction of personal rights with granting marriage rights to homosexuals.

Now Funny or Die is getting in on the fun with a star-studded version that boasts Alicia Silverstone, Lance Bass, George Takei, and Sarah Chalke. The ad offers an answer to the gay marriage issue: a giant gay-repellent umbrella that will shield god-fearing Americans from the storm.


ryssee said...

That's funny! :)
PS-we've had it here in MA for a while, and it does not appear to have cheapened any family members' marriages. They're just as cranky as they've always been, LOL!

Heather said...


Rob K said...

Raining gay people--wasn't that a dance hit in the 80s by the Weather Girls?