April 18, 2010

My son. My son. My son.

It sounds so strange to say it.

According to the latest ultrasound, Scott and I are going to have a baby boy. That's what the vast majority of people had been predicting. After we received the results, Scott said he had figured that the baby was male because "he looks like a boy." That's better than when he thought the baby resembled a duck.

It's exciting to see the little guy moving about, yawning and stretching on the screen when I have an ultrasound. At halfway through the pregnancy I still don't feel any movement, but I'm poking at my belly daily just in case. With the nausea behind me and nothing but an expanding tummy to remind me that I'm expecting, I've been eager for something to make this seem more "real." Somehow the piles of second-hand maternity clothing and baby items in my house haven't convinced me that there truly is a baby on the way. You'd think that the occasional emotional outburst or near anxiety attack would be clues. Apparently I'll have to find myself at home, alone, with a wailing infant in my arms before I get the full sense of forever (also known as What in tarnation have I got myself into?!).


amelia said...

That's wonderful!! Did you post this on Facebook?
I have been in Toronto for a few days with my son and his family so I missed quite a bit but I'm happy to hear this news!

Anonymous said...

*thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

You are going to be the most wonderful mother----you are a natural nurturer. You have been a 'care-giver' since you were a little girl. You are going to be filled with joy to have this little boy to love and raise. OX

Zombie Mom said...

You will be awesome. And the first part - the little blob baby part - is surprising fun and gratifying and goes by quick. And all the phermones and stuff keep that sense of forever at bay just enough to shore up those critical denial mechanisms