April 27, 2010

Save yourself -- avoid me.

If it's dangerous to be nicknamed Calamity, it's equally dangerous to be in close proximity to someone who is nicknamed Calamity. My poor little fetus became a real "bouncing" baby boy last week when I took a tumble and landed flat on my stomach. (Is it possible to land flat on something round?) I had been strolling down the street when my foot slipped off the curb and I couldn't catch myself. The sidewalk caught me instead. Here, have a look at my knee one week later:

Pay no mind to my Happy Bunny pajamas.

Normally I'm inclined to blame my accidents on my own clumsiness, but I think I'll blame this one on
a) my new haircut,
b) my new centre of gravity,
c) the sidewalk being narrower than I remembered.

The last two are self-explanatory, but you might be curious about the first one. See, I had a foot chopped off again, which means that my normally long, flat, heavy hair now has some body to it and is so short that it often flops in my face and impairs my peripheral vision. You know, the vision that would have warned me that I was too close to the curb. Evidently I would make a lousy sheepdog.

Thankfully, a few days ago I felt the baby move for the first time, so he must be okay. Scott figures that the little guy is kicking me because he's mad at me for falling. If the kid has a temper like that already, we're in big trouble. At any rate, it feels more like rolling than kicking. I think we've got a couple more months before we see the outline of feet sticking out of my belly or I feel toes jammed up into my ribcage.

So, the baby is fine, but not everyone is. I've got yet another infection lodged firmly in my tonsils, Scott is recovering from surgery and both dogs have been suffering from skin issues over the past few weeks. Here's Montana after gnawing at what was either a hot spot or a dog bite:

And here we have Ferris, who was busy developing hot spots while I was preoccupied looking after Scott post-surgery:

What's that? You hadn't known about Scott's surgery? He had his stones removed. His pair of kidney stones, that is. I'd go into detail, but it was pretty much the same experience as last time, except that on this occasion I didn't feed Scott hot water, nor did I rip off quite as much of his skin. Interestingly, both his current and past surgeries took place at about the same time as we were paying over $600 for Ferris' health issues. At least Scott's medical treatment is fully covered by universal health care.


ryssee said...

I'll blame the haircut for all of it. It threw everyone off! With that said, I am a big fan of haircuts and I'm sure you look fabulous.
Hope you're all back on your feet and unbruised soon.

Rob K said...

I blame my haircut for a lot of things, too. But seriously, Jen, I hope you all get over this misery ASAP.

amelia said...

Those poor dogs!! I hope this all clears up soon!
As for your poor knee, I did the same when one of our dogs tripped me as we were walking when we lived in the city. I went down so hard and I've never been able to kneel on that knee since and that was about 12 years ago!! I hope yours makes a full recovery!!
Your hair is so pretty, I don't think you could do anything that would make it less so!!

Cat said...

Oh my gosh, those poor dogs!! Any idea what it is? Will it get better? I am cringing just seeing them like that.

Wow, from your comment on my blog - we are way too similar. I fall all the time. In fact I actually turtled last summer right outside my work while leaving for lunch with two of my friends. The faculty had a larf about that I'll tell you!

pseedie said...

jayzus woman! you've had the same run of luck that I've had recently!!! never fear, the end of it all comes without even noticing....(i hope!)

Heather said...

HOLY SWEET GEEZUS!!! I'm surprised not to have read screaming texts of frustration through this!!! Hope everyone is now on the mend and please tell me - how does a dof develop and hot spot and/or what causes it?