August 12, 2014



I.C. said...

I'm amazed that some people were surprised to learn that Williams suffered from depression. I thought it was obvious -- despite his big grin his eyes always seemed to betray a profound underlying sadness.
The reaction on the internet was remarkable. Numerous tweets included crisis hotline info along with the news. There seemed to be a fear that people already on the brink of doing something drastic might be pushed over the edge when they learned about Williams' suicide. Perhaps the concern was that someone would say to him or herself, "If this man with a successful career, great wealth and the adoration of millions can't win the battle, why should I even bother trying?"
I'm curious to see where the conversation goes now that the Parkinson's diagnosis has come to light. Will people use that as a way to "make sense" of his decision? Will the focus now shift away from depression?

Calamity Jen said...

You are right about the reaction on the internet. I'll admit to crying when I heard the news, and it was reassuring to see that I was far from the only one who felt so personally affected by the suicide of a stranger.

Oddly enough, your comment is the first time I'm learning of his Parkinson's diagnosis. Like every other tragedy, his seems to have disappeared from the news, replaced by something else to drag our spirits down. Or maybe I just haven't been following the news -- for that very reason.