April 20, 2006


For those who do not know, I am symbolically engaged to my boyfriend's mother. You see, a few months ago she gave me a claddagh ring that she had originally purchased for herself while on vacation. It fits perfectly on my right ring finger and I happen to prefer wearing it crown outward. According to Irish folklore, this means that I am considering love.

Scott's mother would really like Scott and I to get engaged. She makes no secret of this fact. For Christmas, Scott's mother urged him to give me "something small and nice" as a gift, nudge nudge, wink wink. Ever the obedient boy, Scott bought me an engagement ring.

Yes, that's correct, it's a paperweight, a gag gift. If I cared one iota about the tradition of marriage, I might have been a bit miffed (much like Scott's mom).

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