April 27, 2006

Surgery for Scott

Yesterday I accompanied Scott to the hospital for a CT scan of his kidneys. An X-ray taken a few months ago indicated the presence of a large kidney stone, while an ultrasound was inconclusive. I wasn't keen on him getting a CT scan, as our GP had warned us that the radiation from a single CT scan was equivalent to something like 500 chest X-rays, or 4.5 years of normal radiation exposure. Even the urologist told Scott that the scan would be negative. Scott elected to have the scan anyway, just to be sure.


Scott has a 2.5 cm stone in his left kidney. It cannot be passed and cannot be destroyed with lithotripsy, so surgery is the only option. The image above is a scan of a 1 cm stone. (We did not get copies of the images from Scott's CT scan, so I downloaded someone else's scan from the web.) Scott's surgery is scheduled for mid-June.

I snapped some shots of Scott in his hospital gown, but I fear the retribution I would suffer if I were to post them here.

As if the bad news wasn't enough, Scott underwent a two-hour root canal yesterday evening. The dentist wanted to quit halfway through and schedule another appointment, but Scott made funny noises and produced spittle in such a way as to convey that stopping was not an option. At one point I wandered into the room to see how Scott was faring. The dentist said, "You should feel sorry for me, not him. Me. I deserve cookies." Frankly, I think the thousands of dollars in insurance payments that the doc has received are payment enough. Thank goodness for medical and dental benefits.


Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

I'm laughing...I know I shouldn't be...

Calamity Jen said...

I'm laughing now, too. Scott called me from work this morning and asked if I could try to change his surgery date from a Tuesday to a Thursday, thinking that this would allow him to only miss two days of work. When I called the clinic, the medical receptionist said, "Men!" and stressed that Scott could expect to be off for a whole week.

Coincidentally, today we were asked to submit our vacation requests at work. I now get to request "vacation" time to look after Scott while he recuperates.

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

And I'm looking for a man why?????