April 06, 2006

Chapter 2

So... My parents, my brother and his girlfriend (Laura) came over last Saturday to celebrate my mom and Laura's birthdays. My dad (pictured left, flanked by Laura and my mom) brought groceries and was planning to BBQ a special meal, but I was in charge of appetizers. (Smart party planners give me the simple tasks.) I placed a bunch of frozen hors d'oeuvres on a baking sheet and preheated the oven. Before long, smoke was pouring from the oven vent. I opened the door, saw the bubbling butter covering the floor of the oven, and called Scott over discreetly. Being sensible, Scott suggested that I turn off the oven and let it cool so that we could clean up the mess. But nooooooo, I insisted that we had to get the appetizers ready first.

BOOM! The butter caught fire, blowing the oven door open. Someone instructed Scott to use salt to extinguish the fire, so he took a shaker and began sprinkling salt on the flames. My mother tore open a box of salt and threw the contents into (and onto, and under, and all around) the oven. A bit messy, but it did the trick.

Still, before long, the entire house was filled with smoke and the smoke detectors were screaming. The cats had scrambled to various hiding spaces and half of the humans had grabbed their coats and jackets and headed outdoors, along with the dogs. Scott, my dad and I decided to run around opening windows and fanning smoke out the best we could, remaining indoors until we were almost overcome.

Eventually, my dad cooked the appetizers on the BBQ and also prepared a fabulous meal. In spite of, well, me, I think the birthday girls had a good time.

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Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

oh dear...Scott is so sensible...you really should listen to him in the future! ;)