July 04, 2006

Driving lessons

One of Canada's most beautiful and historic cemeteries is Mount Pleasant Cemetery, which was opened in 1876. The cemetery's tree collection is one of North America's finest arboretums. Mount Pleasant is a favourite place for a quiet stroll, with its large flower gardens, birds and small wildlife, and artwork in the form of sculptures and other memorials.

In 1998 the cemetery's Garden of Remembrance was created. It is composed of different theme areas such as the Gateway of Hope, the Pool of Reflection, the Forest of Remembrance and the River of Memories. Also gracing Mount Pleasant Cemetery is the pretty Stone Wall of Holy Crap!, which I very nearly crashed into while learning the finer points of driving yesterday evening. I have to thank Scott for his patience (although his tension was thinly veiled) and for his excellent work with the emergency brake.


Calamity's mom said...

Maybe having Scott teach you how to drive is not the best idea. I still remember my dad attempting to teach me ---it was that traumatic. (Left turns, steep hills, manual drive ---oh, the horrror!)
Then there was the time my boyfried tried and I nearly stripped the gears in his dad's car. He married me anyway so you never know how these things will turn out.

Calamity Jen said...

If these driving lessons result in Scott getting down on one knee, it will undoubtably be him begging me never to drive again.

Anonymous said...

How is Scott recovering after his kidney surgery?

Calamity Jen said...

Thanks for asking, "anonymous." He's almost 100% now. Back to working overtime, eating poorly, drinking alcohol... his usual self.