July 26, 2006

The Scream

Yesterday evening on the way to softball, Scott and I drove past a streetcar stop where two teenaged boys were having an animated conversation. I don't know what possessed him, but Scott turned his head toward the open window and shrieked like a girl as we passed. The instant reaction of the startled teens was to jump forward and hug each other. As we drove off, Scott was laughing so hard that I think I spotted a snot bubble. It was several minutes before he could speak. We amused ourselves by imagining the aftermath: the teens quickly stepping away from one another, brushing the cooties off their sleeves and talking self-consciously in gruff voices about cars and hot babes and sports, an unspoken pact between them to never, ever speak of what had just happened.

The normally mild-mannered Scott


Anonymous said...

I'm utterly shocked at Scott's behaviour.

Where is the snot bubble? Clearly not obvious in the picture.

Calamity Jen said...

Alas, I did not have a camera at the ready when the bubble made its brief appearance.

I wasn't so much shocked at Scott's behaviour as I was puzzled. I still don't understand what motivated him.

Anonymous said...

Proclamation from the City of Bridgeport

Mayor John Fabrizi has declared July 27th "Scott Robertson Day" in honor of his fine display of wise guy antics.

City of Bridgeport
Wise Guy Capital of the World.