February 12, 2008

Broken toe: $975

So the vet phoned to update me on Ferris' condition. The fracture may have affected the joint, which could lead to arthritis eventually. Ferris was anesthetized for about half an hour and required a double-layered fiberglass splint. He is now awake and apparently comfortable. He will have to wear the splint for several weeks and have it changed regularly at the clinic. If it gets wet (by being exposed to, say, snow), it will have to be changed more often.

In addition to keeping Ferris' splint dry, we are also supposed to ensure that Ferris remains as calm and still as possible. "Easier said than done" doesn't cover it. This is Ferris we're talking about.

And what about Montana? How are we to stop him from wrestling with Ferris?

Between the exam, the X-rays, the bloodwork, the anesthesia and the splint, our total bill comes to $975. That's right. A broken toe on a big dog costs nearly a grand.

Did I mention that I cancelled my pet insurance?


amelia said...

It's almost impossible to stop them wresting!!

They told us not to let Jack even weight bear for four weeks!! How do you stop a dog who weighs 114 weight bearing? I can't carry him so he weight bears!!!

Our other dogs still jump on him and play on him, if not with him!

You just have to do your best!!

ryssee said...


Rob K said...

Ferris, you listen to your mother and stop all the rough-housing!

(Nothing personal, Jen, I just figured you guys are really close.)

And that bit about canceling the pet insurance is making me sick! Oy vey...

Calamity Jen said...

Amelia: Thank you for your encouragement.

Ryssee: You said it!

Rob: "Sick" is an apt description for how we're feeling.