April 18, 2008

I'm lijit

I'm a big fan of the lijit wijit, so it's nice to be recognized for spreading the love.

Speaking of being legit, regular readers know that Scott and I are now engaged. Scott picked up the re-sized engagement ring at the jewellery store yesterday before heading to my parents' house for a family dinner. Wasn't I tickled pink when he got down on one knee to re-propose! (My mother snapped a photograph but I haven't received a copy yet. If it isn't too hideous I will post it here.) Engagement is wonderful. Planning the wedding is another story. I want an un-wedding, while Scott wants a more traditional wedding. While I have grudgingly dropped the idea of holding the reception in a sand-filled indoor beach volleyball court, I still want something small, casual and low-key. I also don't want to break the bank or damage the environment. I found a recreation area that offers "green" weddings, but they make you fork over a ton of green for the privilege.

Further bulletins as news warrants.


Tara Anderson said...

Congratulations on the engagement and good luck with the planning of your untraditional wedding. Make sure to check out Offbeat Bride for lots of inspiration!

Calamity Jen said...

Excellent -- thanks for the good wishes and for the tip, Tara!

Rob K said...

Re-propse? Un-wedding? Marone! You're creating a new language here.

When my brother got married many years ago, he said he wanted a very low-key affair that didn't focus too much on him and his bride.

I suggested that he stay home and I would show him the pictures.

He was not amused. (But my mom laughed like hell!)

Heather said...

ROB K - hilarious! Jenni we HAVE to get together so I can ooooo and awwwwwwwww over the new pretty decorating your hand!

alan said...

Very happy for you both!

My wife and I were married by a judge in San Diego; I still tried to "do the right thing" by asking her Dad for her hand over the phone, etc.. When we went back to Vermont that spring we did a "re-enactment" on the lawn of the house she grew up in with all her family in attendance, the minister, the whole she-bang. This was much more her Mom's dream than Dottie's, but priceless just the same!

May you find ways to accomodate all of your dreams!