August 21, 2006

Downtown driving

Saturday morning's driving lesson was supposed to include a session on the highway. My instructor must have decided that he still had a reason to live, however, as he phoned fifteen minutes prior to my scheduled start time and said that he had changed his mind. He picked me up about 90 minutes later and had me drive around downtown instead.

There were lots of premature left turns, plenty of wide right turns, and worst of all, lane changes. Apparently I make very "aggressive" lane changes, having yet to master the technique of gradually moving into the new lane. When Lino says, "Change lanes," I feel compelled to stomp on the brake, check my blind spot, and then turn into the new lane at a 90-degree angle. After a particularly harrowing swerve, Lino remarked, "You really like to put the fear in me, don't you." I replied, "Yes, yes I do," but what I was really thinking was Dustballs and popcorn, Lino. Dustballs and popcorn.*

*See the anonymous comment following this earlier post.

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