August 15, 2006

More tests for Ferris?

Following Ferris' bloodwork last week, the vet called to say that, once again, Ferris has elevated levels of this, that and the other. He wants us to return to the clinic for further testing. I am losing confidence in the vet, as he continually orders more tests and prescribes various medications but provides no relief. I'm beginning to suspect that he is more fond of my bank account than he is of my dog.

Our breeder is strongly against giving Berners systemic meds like Revolution. Our groomer was appalled that the vet diagnosed mange over the telephone. Friends and family alike are telling me that I'm being hosed. The vet's response would be that, unlike his critics, he went to school. But as someone pointed out, in every class, including medical and veterinary school, one student has to finish at the bottom of the class. How do you know that's not your medical professional?

It's time for a second opinion. Are steroids as good as some say, or are they as dangerous as others warn? Did they aggravate an existing liver problem or did they cause one? Does Ferris even have a liver problem? What is causing his weight loss? Are his apparent hallucinations due to his constant itchiness or is there more to it? When will he be healthy enough to be vaccinated? And can I find out the answers to these questions for less than a thousand bucks, please?


Hammer said...

I had to put my dog on canine LD
(liver disease) dog food. It gave a sick dying dog a new lease on life.

Vets are hit and miss just like real doctors. I don't really trust them a whole bunch myself

Tami said...

Definitely go get a second opinion. I wish I could tell you more, but I have no idea how to find a reputable vet. (And I don't have one for my cat yet, which worries me...if something happens, I don't know where to take her.)

Calamity Jen said...

Hmm. Would nn or Panda be able to recommend a good vet in the area?

Katyola said...

Yes. Please get a second opinion. My cat was on steroids for an autoimmune disorder, and they did her very little good. Not that they don't work in some cases, but it's expensive to find out.

panda said...

According to our latest dog's breeder, Prednisone is known to cause what is called "Prednisone Psychosis" in people, as well as in dogs.

My first lab had the equivalent of schizophrenia, a genetic problem in her case. There was no retraining that could fix her. And the prednisone just amped up the anxiety and stress problems with her.

The good news, we had many happy years with her. She was one of the smartest and best dogs I've ever had. We just couldn't leave her home with an inanimate object without coming back to confetti.

As for a good vet, if the area in question is Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley, Dr. Chang at the Animal Clinic of Encino is great. They are very, very gentle and thorough with the pets. And are willing to take as long as you need to discuss the pros and cons of all the medication options. She's not one of these prescription-of-the-day vets.

Calamity Jen said...

Alas, I don't live in the great State of CA. I'm in Toronto, Ontario. I'm happy to report, however, that I have had several vets recommended to me over the past couple of days and I believe I have made my choice. For now, at least.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Dr Robert Kenn at the Animal Clinic on Mutual St!