August 07, 2006

I feel MUCH better now.

Hooray for steroids! Now Ferris can become a home-run champ or kick butt at the next Olympics.


Anonymous said...

How is the poor fellow doing?

Calamity Jen said...

Hello again to my anonymous friend from the Sudbury region (whose animal sanctuary I would love to visit someday). Ferris is doing quite a bit better, thank you, although he threw up overnight. The scratching and biting has subsided somewhat, and since the weather has cooled down Ferris is a happy boy. He will be on steroids for another couple of weeks. I am hoping that the relief lasts long after the effects of the medication wear off, and that his liver will not sustain any damage.

panda said...

Happy to hear Ferris is feeling better!

I had my old rescue lab, Coffee, on prednisolone (sp?) for several years, and she came through with no problems. She had extensive scar tissue in her lungs, in addition to many other problems, so the meds were ongoing.

Glad to hear some good news!