August 03, 2006

Driving lesson #3

Official driving lesson #3 took place yesterday. After I had climbed into the driver's seat, adjusted the mirrors and fastened my seatbelt, Lino looked out the window at my straw-coloured lawn and asked, "What's with your grass? Don't you know you're supposed to add water?"

I'm not sure what the curriculum was supposed to be for this lesson, but Lino had me attempt just one three-point turn before he decided to let me drive around aimlessly for an hour. A few times he held on for dear life and yelled, "You can't do that!" Each time I replied, "I just did."

Eventually, perhaps to distract himself from the life-threatening situation he found himself in, Lino pulled out his cell phone and made a call. Rather than phoning his lawyer to ensure that his affairs were in order, he called a friend, probably someone with a calm, soothing voice. I was feeling neglected, so I began a play-by-play account of my actions. "Did you see that? I nearly clipped that cyclist! Man, I really hate staying in my lane, eh? If we didn't have the Young Drivers sign on the roof, for sure I'd be pulled over and required to demonstrate my sobriety..."

Lino claimed to be booked up next week, so I'll have to wait two whole weeks before I can build on the skills that I learned in this last lesson. Rats!

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Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Nice parking job! Lino puts the sign on top of the roof? My instructor didn't although I recommended a bright orange whirly light.